Programa / Program


 PVP / PRICE pax 
Show & Jantar Tradicional / Show & Traditonal Dinner - 20h00 / 23h15
     Tudo Incluído / All Inclusive - Ver Programa 2015 / See Program 2015
 Com transporte / With shuttle


      Sem transporte / No shuttle


Show Nocturno - 21h30 / 23h15
     Fado, Folclore & Vinho do Porto / Fado, Folklor & Port Wine
 Com transporte / With shuttle


   Sem transporte / No shuttle


Show Diurno / Daytime
     Fado & Port Wine
 Sem transporte / No shuttle


Porto Best
     Porto Wine, Fado & Tapas / Daytime
 Sem transporte / No shuttle


IVA Incluído à taxa legal em vigor / VAT included - Crianças Grátis até 12 anos / Children free till 12 years old -  Transporte, centro cidade do Porto / Shuttle, from center of Porto City - Preços e condições para Grupos Turísticos / Prices & Conditions for Touristic Groups - Todos os Programas com marcação previa / All Programs only with booking

Ticket Office

Show- Monday to Saturday from 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm.
Ticket Office - Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00am at 09:00 pm

Ticket Office

Reservations can be made by telephone (on the ticket office opening hours) and email. Tickets also on sale at  selling points throughout the city.

Buying your ticket

Ways of payment: cash, bank card, VISA or AMEX
Refunding: If, by any reason escaping our control, the show date is altered, purchased tickets will be valid for another established date. There will be a refund for all guests who so claim, whenever it won't be possible to perform at the settled date and time. Tickets and change must be checked when buying. There are neither refunds nor change of date on consumer's request.

Terms of access

There will be no entry in the premises after the show has started, in theatre, opera, ballet and classic music concerts (complying with Regulation 315/95 from November 28th), except when company assistants state otherwise. In case of late arrival, there will be no refund. Children under three are not granted entrance in any kind of show, even accompanied by parents (Regulation 116/83 from February 24th).
Customers with discount tickets must always produce evidence for discount eligibility.

Please note

Costumers must turn off their cell phones or other sound producing devices, on entrance. No smoking allowed. Food or beverages must be consumed only in the appointed areas (Bar and Restaurant). Tickets must be kept until the end of the show. People carrying objects that may be considered dangerous are not allowed in. No entry to animals (except guide dogs, properly identified).

Handicapped customers

At Herança Magna there are elevators for the mobility impaired. All the wings have ample space for wheelchairs. WC facilities are provided.