Before, during and after dinner, customers will come into contact with a selection of the best traditions of the region, experiencing the way of life of the people who live on the banks of the Mystic River which is Douro.


The walls of the large area of three wings bear references to the roots of a hardworking people, endowed with a deep sacrifice spirit, as tough as granite, as proud as the river and as genuine as the wine that conveyed its name to the world.


Here, you feel Fado, appreciate the Folklore, breathe history and exudes S. João.


A journey in time the roots of the northern people are celebrated through music and amusement.

" Herança Magna™" emerged from the intention to promote a cultural region of excellence, Douro.

The planned strategy of " Herança Magna™" aims at being recognized as a tourist and cultural event for the region. In this guideline, an ambitious event was designed through which it is sought to reconcile the experience of affection, which the sharing of historic heritage and traditions with the dining experience comprehends.

FADO - World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage

Fado is one of the most enigmatic aspects that art can assume, a “strange way of living” that persists in concealing its mysteries, but widely rewarding those who allow themselves to be seduced.


By nature, this world renowned wine needs no introduction, but it really needs to be tasted! Let your senses reach the top with this non plus ultra of Portuguese nectars, savoring it in the land from where it set sails to conquer connoisseurs around the world.


Every evening we have folklore for dinner, portraying what’s more genuine in a land that really can assume its origins and preserves them in awesome and unique choreographies.


Tradition and history are the elements that bind all the Event. From a historical scene of King Ramiro, recreating a typical riverside tavern, tribute to Tony de Matos, every year we insert special and different times to feel Tripeiro for a few hours.


June the 23rd is the night in which the whole city comes out to the streets, celebrating St. John with scents of basil and garlic. Hand in hand we sing and perspire to exhaustion. You smile back to a plastic hammer banging on your head, and any by passer is an old friend! Not many visitors will have been fortunate enough to have witnessed such a warm celebration.


Here, at Herança Magna™, we provide a S. João for you every evening!