We are located in the noble area of the region, the Port wine cellars bank, in a typical and perfectly framed space. A large enclosure of secular granite that seats 500 guests and with a maximum capacity of 1000 seats for other events (meetings, etc.).

The granite walls remain to tell us their story, but the 1,300 m2 were refurbished in a harmonious combination of three distinct spaces: reception and shop, show area with bar and restaurant area.

The walls of the large area of three wings bear references to the roots of a hardworking people, endowed with a deep sacrifice spirit, as tough as granite, as proud as the river and as genuine as the wine that conveyed its name to the world.

As a complement to the show, the space provides a visit to Herança Magna’s store, enabling a choice between wines from the region, the best years of production of Port Wines, gourmet products such as the most tasty olive oil and homemade jams and fundamental craft pieces in the tradition of the Douro Region, such as Valentine’s handkerchiefs and earthenware pieces fondly modeled.

Furthermore, aiming at providing the best in both time and space, the Herança Magna Bar allows you to pamper yourself tasting Port Wine and enjoying the flavors of small delicacies, while in the company of Live Jazz, listening to classic themes of this prominent musical style.